The Lazy Barber

Jonathan began his hairdressing apprenticeship in 2002 in Fitzroy. As a young man he worked worked all over Melbourne trying to find where he fit within the industry.

Following a few trials and tribulations he and his partner decided to open a salon in Brunswick but then had a calling to head to London to train at the Vidal Sassoon academy.

He came home inspired and decided to take on the transition into barbering. Which he has done for the past 3 years doing pop ups throughout Melbourne and Adelaide, tattoo conventions, festivals and also learning from some of the best barbers across this country and internationally.

Working in Prahran was the major stepping stone for him to begin his new venture - Valiant Barbers.



Dwayne Burrowes

Began a career in hairdressing in 2011 on the Mornington peninsula to build a foundation to one day use what skills were learnt to become a barber.

In 2015 got a job at a barber shop in Melbourne, doing a 5 hour round trip each day meant it was time to move up to the city for career progression and to work and learn from other Melbourne barbers.

Throughout his career he has had the pleasure of having clients from the afl, nrl and international bands.

Enjoys listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

Inspired by American and European barbers, Dwayne is the newest hot property to watch.

Casey Evans (Dagger & Rose Barber)

Casey started barbering in 2005 at the young age of 17. She was working in a small barbershop in sunny Mackay Queensland. She completed a barbering apprenticeship but still wanted more so she packed up and moved to Brisbane where she also completed a hairdressing apprenticeship.

With her barber and hairdresser experience casey did all sorts of hair shows, barbering and hairdressing competitions, styling for bands in there music film clips, photoshoots ect.

Her passion grew so in 2015 Casey moved to Melbourne to get more out of the barbering scene. Starting working at a barbershop in Collingwood things only went up from there doing guest spots throughout Melbourne and australia, festivals and also learning from some of the best barbers across this country and internationally.

Casey is very influenced by 1950's rockabilly style, hot rod and chopper motorcycle scene. So if your wanting anything from a pompadour to a mullets or clean fade this girl has got you covered.




Jackson Warren

Leaving school at the young age of 16 to do a hairdressing apprenticeship, Jackson has had a passion for hair, for a long time. Upon returning to school to pursue a short venture into Journalism, he soon realised his true love for hair. 

Since then, he has been lucky enough to gain experience and advice from some of Melbourne's best barbers and gain a wide perspective on different forms of barbering. In November 2017, Jackson signed onto a specialised hairdressing/barbering apprenticeship under The Lazy Barber to complete his training and earn the title of a qualified barber.

When he's not cutting hair you'll catch him out the back making hot chokees, checking his man diary & putting balm on his new tattoos.

Influenced by contemporary men's hairdressing with traditional barber techniques